Friday, June 10, 2011

Numb Testicles While Biking

Here's a fine little article on testicular pain brought on by biking.


Numb testicles when biking may affect your sexual and reproductive health. Testicle numbness, or bicycle seat neuropathy, is among the most common injuries reported by cyclists, according to Dr. John M. Martinez. Improper seat positioning, shape and cycling habits may cause numb testicles by damaging nerves in your groin area. You may need to change your biking habits or avoid biking for up to a month before testicle numbness completely dissipates.


Testicle numbness when cycling may occur, because your bicycle saddle consistently applies excessive pressure to your groin area. Your seat may be at an improper height or angled in a way that applies pressure on your groin or testicles. Biking for extended periods of time with a seat that has a firm, broad or poorly positioned nose may cause numb testicles when biking for extended periods of time. Seats that do not appropriately support your sit bones, the ischial tuberosities, may also cause testicular numbness when biking.


Erectile dysfunction is a complication associated with bicycle seat neuropathy. Dr. Frank Sommer led a August 2001 study at the University Medical Center of Cologne that evaluated 40 male cyclists. Nineteen percent of cyclists who biked more than 245 miles complained about erectile dysfunction. A September 2005 review of 14 studies led by Dr. Vincent Huang at the Boston University School of Medicine indicates that riding a bicycle more than three hours each week is an independent relative risk for moderate to severe erectile dysfunction. The prevalence of moderate to severe erectile dysfunction in bicyclists was 4.2 and 4 percent, according to an analysis of case control study data. The prevalence of erectile dysfunction among cyclists outnumbered runners and swimmers with 1.1 and 2 percent, respectively.

Seat Adjustment

You may be able to avoid numb testicles when biking by adjusting your seat. Make sure your seat is level and centered. Position the seat at a height, which completely extends your legs when your feet reach the bottom of the peddling movement. Your seat is too high if your hips rock from side to side as you pedal. You may tip the nose of your seat down one to three degrees if it bothers you. Alternatively, make sure your seat does not point too far downward, because your body will slide forward and put additional pressure on your groin.

Seat Replacement

Replacing your seat may be the only way to avoid numb testicles when biking. Alternative seats are particularly beneficial if you ride in an upright position with the handlebars higher than the seat. These seats may move with your body or have a noseless design that removes pressure from your groin. Some seats have a dual padded design that provides broader support that moves with your body.

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